Deleting parameters.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Mon Nov 12 05:36:02 GMT 2001

On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, andrew morgan wrote:

> This is what major releases are for.  Significant new features, major code
> changes, interface rewrites...  If you're not willing to make changes for
> 3.0, when will you?

My argument is that I'm not convinced that it is a necessary change.
Removing "security" will be a great burden.  I'm still debating the

> ***There are too many parameters.***
> Get rid of all the redundant parameters.  If the goal is to make
> things easy for the admin, then having redundant/unnecessary
> parameters is a step backwards.  I don't care if somebody else can't
> spell "writable", having a duplicate parameter under another spelling
> does not solve the problem. Having the same parameter but in negative
> logic form does not help either.
> If you can collapse multiple parameters into one parameter in a
> simple, easy to understand fashion, then do so.
> <stepping off my soap box...>

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah....No argument there :-)

cheers, jerry
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