Deleting parameters.

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Nov 12 02:48:03 GMT 2001

The DJ wrote:
> > Thats the situation for lp_guestaccount() as a share-level paramater,
> > its broken in 2.2 in every case except share level security.  Only the
> > global defintion functions, the local one will be almost compleatly
> > ignored.
> >
> > Andrew Bartlett
> On a side-note here: My smb.conf (5) still shows this as a service only
> parameter.
> guest account (S)
>               This is a username which will be used for access to...
> The listing of parameters at the top of the file does the same.

Yes, the documentation needs to be updated.   The scale of the changes
being proposed means that we are yet to decide where to keep the
updates, as these are normally done in 2.2 with a 'only in 3.0'

> Haven't had so much fun following technical list in a long time. ;-)

There is nothing like a strong (but goodnatured) debate.

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