That troublemaker again (replace domain logons =, domain master=)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Sun Nov 11 21:55:02 GMT 2001

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> I refer you to the patch attached to the original message.  In
> particular grep for lp_server_role, the not-yet-paramater I changed into
> a real paramater in my patch.
> lp_server_role() depended on lp_security() and lp_domain_logons().  The
> dependency on lp_secuirty() was problomatic.

ok.  I'll dig it back up.  (too much mail :-( )

> It should decrese the overhead, becouse the option is clear.  No more
> 'domain logons = pdc, but not if domain master = no, then its a bdc'
> kind of stuff.
> Table:
>                    PDC        BDC       Standalone (also member)     DMB
> domain master =     Y          N                 N                    Y
> domain logons =     Y          Y                 N                    N

But "BDC" implies that we have a read only SAM/smbpasswd.  Which I assume
will be closely tied to the domain mode security code.  Follow where I'm

And I still think DMB should not be in this list.  Frankly, I prefer the
"domain master" and "domain logons" combinations.  I still don't see what
advantage this has.  From what I understand, it is not required for you to
be able to implement the "auth order" parameter.  Or am I mistaken.

cheers, jerry
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