Redundant Samba Servers

Paul Jansen vlaero at
Fri Nov 9 17:53:05 GMT 2001

Hi Suman.

You will want o start reading up on DFS (distributed
file system).  Microsoft uses this in a purely windows
world to provide the kind of redundancy and failover
you're talking about here.  It just so happens that
Samba supports DFS.  A samba server can be a DFS leaf
node and I'm pretty sure it can be a DFS root too. 
The DFS root can also be made with a failover between
two servers as well.


Dear All:

I have three Linux computers on my network, all having
the same content. 
These things serve some very important shares, so I
want to be dead sure 
that they are always up. But I don't want users to
connect to a different 
name each time. If one samba server goes down, the
user should be able to 
connect to another one with the same name.

So is it possible to have multiple Samba servers with
the same name, for 
redundancy? In case one fails, the user connects again
using the same name, 
and he's back in business.

Or rather, is there any other way of doing this?

Suman. - Yahoo! Briefcase
- Manage your files online.

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