an idea - psexec for UNIX systems

Paul Jansen vlaero at
Fri Nov 9 17:18:02 GMT 2001

There are no dependencies on the windows systems.  No
extra services to install, nothing.  That is the
Samba exists so windows users can access resources on
UNIX systems.  We could tell the windows users that
they need to install an NFS client to access the files
on the UNIX systems OR they can just use samba which
means they don't need to install anything.  No
dependencies. Same concept with this idea.  If you
have a valid username and password for a windows box -
even a workstation - you could get a remote session. 
You could do this from your UNIX session.  Is the idea
clear now or am I still babbling?


 --- Michael H Buselli <busellim at>
wrote: > =?iso-8859-1?q?Paul=20Jansen?= said:
> > Conceptually the idea is no different from
> > rsh/rexec/ssh.  In fact I bleive the various
> resource
> [deleted]
> This explaination doesn't tell me any more about how
> this tool is
> different from rsh/rexec/ssh.  Maybe it was buried
> in there and I didn't
> understand it?  Could you or someone else that
> understands this
> elaborate?  Thank you.
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