an idea - psexec for UNIX systems

Paul Jansen vlaero at
Fri Nov 9 16:26:02 GMT 2001

Hi Richard.

Conceptually the idea is no different from
rsh/rexec/ssh.  In fact I bleive the various resource
kits for windows have rsh/rexec services.  The beauty
of psexec is that you don't have any dependecies that
need to be installed on the remote (windows) machine. 
Say for example I am at a UNIX session and I ned to
get a 'command prompt' session on a new windows box
that was only put on the network yesterday. With
psexec I can do that by simply specifying the
domain/username to connect as and supply the password
when prompted. There are some interesting application
possibilities here.
I suppose you could think about it this way:  SMBFS,
smbmount, and smbclient all allow you to access files
in shares on windows systems without requiring
anything be installed on the windows machines before
hand.  A psexec port for UNIX would allow you to do
this for more than just files - you can run programs
and get remote shells as well.

Paul Jansen wrote:

[Deleted ...]

How is this different from rsh/rexec, or, for more
security, ssh?

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