samba 2.2.1a dies with request_oplock_break

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Nov 8 10:21:03 GMT 2001

"Milewski, Evan" wrote:
>  Are there parameters
> that I could use to help this?  

	keepalive = 30

	It's the "number of seconds between checks for 
	a crashed client. The default of 0 causes no checks 
	to be performed. Recommended if you want checks more 
	often than every four hours. 3600 (10 minutes) is
        reasonable. See also socket options for another approach."

	This does not solve the problem! It makes samba
	recover better from it.

	Technical question: is there a tradeoff such tha twe
	can't have it default to on?  For example, is it 
	expensive in cpu or network resources? [it doesn't
	appear to be, but I've not benchmarked it]

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