Samba in Win2K Native Mode

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Nov 8 09:17:17 GMT 2001

> I would like to know how to find information on running SAMBA in a windows 
> 2000 native mode without the PDC emulator that is, no longer Lan Manager or 
> NTLM authentication capability.

Samba will provide SMB services on port 445, a. la. W2K.

> In Native Mode with no PDC emulator, Windows 2000 makes use of Kerberos v5 
> authentication.

No, Windows 2000 makes use of a Kerberos5-like protocol as implemented by
Microsoft.  That is, Microsoft took the K5 protocols and added their own
proprietary data, severely denting interoperability with real K5.  There
is much debate as to whether this can or should really be called Kerberos. 

For a less biased spin on the issues see:

> Also, is there a plan to provide an equivalent to NTFS-5 on Linux?

Dunno.  That's really a question for the Linux folk.

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