WinXP and Samba 2.2.2 problem

Andrew de Quincey andrew at
Thu Nov 8 04:11:09 GMT 2001

> >>>>followed by a connection to \MAILSLOT\NET\NETLOGON.
> >>>>
> >>>This, we assume, is what you've set up in smb.conf as your netlogon
> >>>share?
> >>>
> >>Ah, sorry, it isn't even getting that far...
> >>
> >
> >You are supposed to have a netlogon share in order for
> logons to work.
> >
> >>>As I posted a bit earlier, I've seen an XP system
> >>>"go bad" and require the RequireSignOrSeal registry setting
> >>>be modified in order for it to continue to find the PDC.
> >>>
> >>GAH! :)
> >>
> >
> >Um, well yeah. :)
> >
> >>Hmm. I wonder if writing some software to compare the two
> registries of the
> >>machine would be useful...
> >>
> >
> >I was just thinking earlier today that it would be very useful to
> >be able to do that.  I would venture a guess that there is software
> >that does that, and maybe freeware or shareware.  A quick search
> >at might turn up something.
> >
> Regsnap
>  will dump 2 registries or branches and you can then compare them for
> differences.

Had a look.. obviously there are lots differences, but only a few of the
obscure-registry-network-flag type. I've set these to be the same on the
duff machine... but I'm still seeing no traffic on port 139 from the duff
machine during logon.

It's kinda like winlogon has "forgotten" how to authenticate domain users...
If I logon as the local administrator, I can connect to remote shares as
domain users perfectly!

Oh, and I've checked that I've not accidentally disabled NetBIOS over
TCP/IP.. but everything there is fine (i am seeing NO traffic on port 445 at
all BTW, so I know this is OK)

I'm going to try uninstalling + reinstalling the windows networking
components from the network device next...

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