WinXP and Samba 2.2.2 problem

James Nord teilo at
Thu Nov 8 03:36:03 GMT 2001

Jay Ts wrote:

>>>>followed by a connection to \MAILSLOT\NET\NETLOGON.
>>>This, we assume, is what you've set up in smb.conf as your netlogon
>>Ah, sorry, it isn't even getting that far...
>You are supposed to have a netlogon share in order for logons to work.
>>>As I posted a bit earlier, I've seen an XP system
>>>"go bad" and require the RequireSignOrSeal registry setting
>>>be modified in order for it to continue to find the PDC.
>>GAH! :)
>Um, well yeah. :)
>>Hmm. I wonder if writing some software to compare the two registries of the
>>machine would be useful...
>I was just thinking earlier today that it would be very useful to
>be able to do that.  I would venture a guess that there is software
>that does that, and maybe freeware or shareware.  A quick search
>at might turn up something.
 will dump 2 registries or branches and you can then compare them for 


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