samba-technical digest, Vol 1 #1017 - 10 msgs

C.Lee Taylor leet at
Thu Nov 8 01:03:10 GMT 2001

> While Windows 2000, XP, and NT4 have a service that runs by default to
> accept and display those broadcast messages, Win 3.11 through WinMe do not
> have such a service. Therefore, you have to load the winpopup.exe program on
> each machine in order for it to receive such messages. If you need to do
> this for a large number of PCs, you may wish to have winpopup.exe loaded
> from a logon script.
	I personally use justpop.exe which I run in my login scripts for my 

Win9X system.  This gives me the ablity to send message, and not let my users 

play with WinPopUp, or even shut it down.  There are some problems with justpop

which I would like to fix, but I am not programmer and have not found 
the time to look into Windows programming.  Still, it's nice and almost 
as good as the service on NT/2K ...

	Found it again with google and in the Samba archives ... ;-) ...


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