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While Windows 2000, XP, and NT4 have a service that runs by default to
accept and display those broadcast messages, Win 3.11 through WinMe do not
have such a service. Therefore, you have to load the winpopup.exe program on
each machine in order for it to receive such messages. If you need to do
this for a large number of PCs, you may wish to have winpopup.exe loaded
from a logon script.

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  I am using samba-2.0. and i want to send popup messages to my clients. My
clients are mix client means windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, linux , XP. I can
send popup messages to windows 2000 clients but I can not send messages to
95, 98, me. what is cousing problem. if anything else required at client
site then plz let me know. and if i want to broadcast messages to all client
then what command should i use? currently i m using smbclient -M {hostname}.

  Thanks in advance.

  Yours faithfully,

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