WinXP and Samba 2.2.2 problem

Andrew de Quincey andrew at
Wed Nov 7 14:49:23 GMT 2001

> > I've disabled "sign and seal", and "require strong
> passwords" in the local
> > security policy, but this doesn't help (with THIS problem)
> Are you saying you changed the registry directly, or using the
> policy editor?

Both actually. I tried by examining the various registry files floating
about, and then when that didn't work, I reenabled, rebooted, disabled 'em
using the policy editor, rebooted and retried again.

> > HOWEVER, on the second machine, I can only see traffic on
> ports 137, and
> > 138. In fact, all I can see being sent when I try to log on
> is a NetBIOS
> > name lookup request for my local domain name (which is
> successful BTW),
> > followed by a connection to \MAILSLOT\NET\NETLOGON.
> This, we assume, is what you've set up in smb.conf as your netlogon
> share?

Ah, sorry, it isn't even getting that far... I think thats the RPC "share"
that clients connect to to logon. As far as I can make out, the client is
only talking to nmbd... and never sends anything to smbd.

(However, if I log on as the local administrator, I am able to connect to
the remote machine's shares fine, so its not some weird firewally/routy

> > The annoying this is that the second machine was
> reinstalled recently, and
> > COULD logon.. but I must have changed some setting which has stopped
> > everything from working!!!
> Maybe, maybe not.  As I posted a bit earlier, I've seen an XP system
> "go bad" and require the RequireSignOrSeal registry setting
> be modified
> in order for it to continue to find the PDC.

GAH! :)
Hmm. I wonder if writing some software to compare the two registries of the
machine would be useful...

> Interesting that you are using profiles, because that was what I
> was playing with lately, during the time when the XP system went
> funny.  I don't see how that would have anything to do with
> it, though.
> (?)

Yeah, my other machine is still fine with profiles... I've logged on and off
at least 5 times from it.. mind you, maybe I haven't found the secret
"number of domain logons before triggering bug" registry setting yet :)

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