Change to source/Makefile

Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Nov 7 14:39:08 GMT 2001

On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 09:29:06AM -0500, Derrell.Lipman at wrote:

> The following patch causes the proto headers to be deleted when doing
> a "make clean".  After doing "cvs update", the best way to ensure that
> everything is still working correctly is to do a complete rebuild:
> "make clean" followed by "make".  I was previously having to also do a
> "make proto" each time.
> --- Makefile~	Wed Nov  7 09:21:05 2001
> +++ Makefile	Wed Nov  7 09:23:23 2001

Hi.  I've applied your patch - thanks!  When making changes to Samba's
Makefile, you need to change as this is the template file that
is used by autoconf when creating the Makefile.  If you don't do this
then any changes to Makefile will be overwritten when you next run
configure or config.status.



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