winbind memleak

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Wed Nov 7 07:38:02 GMT 2001

I'd like to second this motion. Being able to use winbindd leak-free in a
stable release would be very valuable, here. Please consider making a
If such a release were to be made, What sort of time frame are we looking
at? More generally, if we have to wait for Samba 2.2.3, what is the expected
release date for that? Does the group tend to make releases at a
semi-regular interval? Obviously, I have to try to make some sort of
estimate to base my own plans on. Any help, even guesswork, would be

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Will there be an incremental release for this bugfix?  Maybe 2.2.2a?  I'll
go with the CVS release if necessary, but I prefer not to run CVS builds on
my production system.

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I just downloaded HEAD, and tested i386 Linux winbind for memory leaks. They
are gone. 

The sooner this gets into SAMBA_2_2, the better. 

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On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 11:23:57PM +0200, Janne Liimatainen wrote: 
> Hi all, 
> any news about the memleak in winbind? Winbind process eats pretty quickly

> 400 megs of memory and starts lagging the machine. Which is not nice. :) 
> Any patches? I'm willing to do testing. 

Currently this is fixed in HEAD (right Tim ?). I'm planning on 
moving it back to 2.2.3 but it's not done yet. 


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