Drag and Drop printer support

Mike Barsalou mbarsalou at aidea.org
Tue Nov 6 10:26:03 GMT 2001

This may be the wrong mailling list to send this to so please let me know
which list I should post it.

I am trying to setup Drag and Drop printing with the samba server 2.2.1a.
At one point it was actually working, however, now I can't get at the
"Additional drivers" button when I am looking at the sharing tab of a
printer from a Win2K SP2 machine.

I tried looking at the log files, but nothing pops out at me....

Anyone know what causes the "Additional drivers" button to be greyed out or

I have setup a ntadmin group and the user that is logged in is part of that
group.  As I said before, it was working at one point.  Maybe this is a
rights issue at the directory level?

What should I do to trouble shoot this problem.

BTW, I am able to print to these printers without problem.


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