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Tue Nov 6 07:44:02 GMT 2001

On 6 Nov 2001 Derrell.Lipman at wrote:

> Hi.  I'm a seasoned protocols engineer, but new to SMB and Samba.  Two
> questions:
> 1. Where can I find SMB protocol specs?  (This must be a FAQ; I've
>    searched for a FAQ list but can not locate one.)

See for some relavent links.

> 2. If a Win95 machine can see a Win2000 machine in Network
>    Neighborhood, and the Win2000 machine can see the Win95 machine in
>    My Network Places, and the Linux Samba machine can use smbclient to
>    directly access either of those, why wouldn't the Samba machine be
>    able to see either the Win95 machine or the Win2000 machine using
>    smbtree?

Assuming there is no bug in the code, problem with NetBIOS name
resolution most likely.  Perhaps an inability to find the local
master browser for the current subnet?  If spanning multiple
subnets, perhaps the LMB for Samba's network cannot locate the DMB
to propogate browse lists?

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