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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Nov 5 01:39:02 GMT 2001

Tristan Ball wrote:
> YES! :-)
> However to be useful in a larger sites, I'm not sure the code here would be
> acceptable.
> The recycle bin appears to have a flat namespace. This is likely to cause a
> glut of files, and way to many name conflicts.
> I believe the code would have to recreate the original directory structure
> inside the recycle bin, and also rename files when conflicts occur.
> It occurs to me that this is a feature that should essentially work
> regardless of the underlying filesystem (assuming it is a real filesystem).
> As such I'm not quite sure how this would link in as a VFS module. As it
> stands now, there appears to be two ways a VFS module can work, it can
> either perform the operation itself, or it can do a little magic, then call
> the default (like the audit example).
> Can VFS modules be layered in a more general way? A prime example would be
> vfs_audit -> vfs_recycle_bin. As I see it now, this would require me to
> change vfs_audit, which seems wrong, or have the recycle_bin module replace
> the default, which seems strange?
> Am I confused? Am I missing something?

Some ideas were tossed around about recursive VFS modules at one stage. 
The way to do this is to have each module either perform the operation
itself, or call the next module to do it.  In practice you would simply
replace the current default ops structure with a paramater that
describes the next modules actions, allowing an infinite depth of staked

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