Samba network recycle bin (fwd)

Tristan Ball tristanb at
Mon Nov 5 01:01:13 GMT 2001

YES! :-)

However to be useful in a larger sites, I'm not sure the code here would be 
The recycle bin appears to have a flat namespace. This is likely to cause a 
glut of files, and way to many name conflicts.
I believe the code would have to recreate the original directory structure 
inside the recycle bin, and also rename files when conflicts occur.

It occurs to me that this is a feature that should essentially work 
regardless of the underlying filesystem (assuming it is a real filesystem). 
As such I'm not quite sure how this would link in as a VFS module. As it 
stands now, there appears to be two ways a VFS module can work, it can 
either perform the operation itself, or it can do a little magic, then call 
the default (like the audit example).

Can VFS modules be layered in a more general way? A prime example would be 
vfs_audit -> vfs_recycle_bin. As I see it now, this would require me to 
change vfs_audit, which seems wrong, or have the recycle_bin module replace 
the default, which seems strange?

Am I confused? Am I missing something?


At 10:33 AM 11/5/2001, you wrote:
>What do people think about this?  Do you like the
>idea of implementing a network trash bin?
>cheers, jerry
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