Question about default name of parameter in SWAT

Yasuma Takeda yasuma at
Sun Nov 4 22:41:03 GMT 2001


In SUGJ(Samba Users Group Japan) mailing-list,
we want to confirm about a default name of parameters which should
be used in SWAT.

There are some parameters that SWAT displays the name of parameter
which is described "synonym" in smb.conf(5).
I think that synonym name should not be used in SWAT.
Are there any rules?

Following is these parameters on SAMBA_2_2 CVS.
- min passwd length / min password length
- read only         / writeable
- timestamp logs    / debug timestamp
- protocol          / max protocol
- max packet        / packet size
- lock dir          / lock directory
- exec              / preexec


Yasuma Takeda     yasuma at
Miracle Linux

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