Question About PDC Emulator for Windows 2000

Davis, Doug doug.davis at
Thu Nov 1 07:27:02 GMT 2001


I'm having a problem with Samba Server authenticating users to a Windows
2000 Domain.

Here's the configuration of my CIFS Server. 
	The Security mode is set to Domain.
	The Password server is set to 3 DC's. We are not using the * option.
These 3 DC's are identified in the lmhost file.
		For Example:
		password server = DC1 DC2 (PDC emulator)

Here's the Windows configuration
	The Domain is in native mode

Here's the problem.
	We moved the FSMO roles from one Domain Controller to another. When
we did this, the CIFS server stopped authenticating users to the other 2 DC.
It will only authenticate the users to the PDC Emulator. Before this move we
were able to authenticate the users to any DC. 

Has anyone seen this problem or know what the fix maybe. 

Doug Davis
MS 6C, cube 6185
750 Tower
Troy, MI 48098

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