File corruption again

Juergen Hasch Hasch at
Wed May 30 20:56:02 GMT 2001

Hello Dimitry,

Dmitry Melekhov schrieb:
> Hello!
> Sorry, I found you message only in archive, I deleted it without read.
> As I wrote before 2.2CVS don't works for me- it fail to copy big files
> ( may be it do it too slow, I don't know). But I can't understand why
> there are no people with such problem here? And why developers
> don't do any work to fix this problem? May be ity exists only in some
> configurations? I copy files from w2k server running in vmware on the same
> linux host (RH 6.2 with kernel 2.4.4), may be this helps reproduce problem?

Right now I am having two kinds of problems.
The first one seems to be a incorrect calculation in
and creates empty files (correct file length but filled with zeroes).
You can see error messages in the samba log and using a network trace
like ethereal. This was only introduced recently (05/24).

The second problem I encountered seems to be related to oplocks. If you
get messages with "oplock break" you may be hit by this problem. Try
turning off oplocks in this case.


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