[patch] Samba 2.09: /etc/passwd.samba instead of /etc/passwd

Thomas Jarosch thomas.jarosch at styletec.de
Tue May 29 16:01:31 GMT 2001

> > I've developed a short, dirty patch for Samba 2.09
> > that allows me to have a separate /etc/passwd for Samba.
> > (and so allows me to have virtual users running under 
> > the UID of "nobody")
> I don't understand.  Could you provide more explanation
> of why this patch would be necessary?  Why not just use
> a username map and distiguish between %U and %u?

The problem is quite simple:

Samba needs for every entry in /etc/smbpasswd 
a corresponding entry in /etc/passwd.

But I didn't want to use my system's /etc/passwd for Samba,
so I've made a patch to redirect samba to /etc/passwd.samba


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