Question regarding libsmbclient.

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon May 28 07:15:02 GMT 2001

At 11:23 PM 5/27/01 -0700, Ray Van Dolson wrote:
>Thanks for the tips Mike and Richard.  I found that things ran just about
>perfectly (even without using a callback function) if I just limited my
>use of smbc_init().  I had no idea this function consumed so many
>resources (or that it only needed to be called once! :-)).  In any case,
>the program now runs just fine, and hopefully I'll get around to
>implementing a callback function method to recurse through the

OK, It is clear that I need to do some more work on smbc_init ... :-(

>I've wrapped my small collection of functions into Python using SWIG and
>it's been fairly easy to write some scripts and a CGI interface to
>searching my local network.  Awesome!
>Thanks again for all the help!

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