Question regarding libsmbclient.

Ray Van Dolson rayvd at
Sun May 27 10:05:20 GMT 2001

I'm just wondering how many are developing out there using  I'm trying to write a sort of samba spider that indexes
my local Samba network and dumps the results into MySQL.  I'm using a
recursive approach and am running into huge resource problems.

The source code for my program is located at

This should compile for anyone as I have commented out the MySQL portions
of the code.  The program runs for a while, and as I monitor it with 'top'
I notice that the memory usage gets huge as the recursion level gets
larger.  I make liberal use of free() to keep as much cleaned up as I can,
but eventually the program is either auto-killed by my kernel or I hvae to
kill it myself else the system stops responding.

I'm wondering if the fault is due to my shoddy C programming skills
(someone already has suggested I try jCIFS which I will) or a memory leak
or inefficiency in  If someone a little more experienced
than I could discern this from glancing at my code, I'd sure appreciate

Ray Van Dolson

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