Procedure Number out of Range

Jason Coene jcoene at
Fri May 25 23:51:17 GMT 2001

> Then I try my 2k box with one of the many user add scripts I had 
> in smb.conf 
> and I get that ugly error. So I go to add the entries manually. 
> root# adduser -g 100 -d /dev/null -c 2kmachine -s /bin/false -m 
> machine_netbios_name$
> root# smbpasswd -a -m machine_netbios_name
> Rem out add user script in smb.conf
> cat both entries, all ID's look good, both accounts reflect the $ 


When you join the domain with your windows 2000 machines, you are
specifying the username and password root/pw_in_smbpasswd correct?
make sure root is in smbpasswd (preferrably with a different
password than whats in the unix pw db) and join the machine using



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