summary of fix for Solaris ACL bug

Michael Davidson michael_davidson at
Fri May 25 23:21:02 GMT 2001

> o the bug which caused Solaris acls to be written with 
>   a [default] mask other than rwx has been fixed.
>   The aclsort() call was recalculating the mask.

Unfortunately, the obvious fix breaks something else.

On UnixWare, at least, if there are no individual USER
or GROUP entries in the ACL and a MASK entry is specified
then the permissions in the MASK entry *must* be identical
to the GROUP_OBJ permissions.

This problem shows up if you have a file or directory with
ACLs on it, and then you remove all of the additional ACL
entries so that you are back down to a minimum ACL which
specifies only USER_OBJ, GROUP_OBJ and OTHER permissions.

Can you check to see if this particular case works correctly
on Solaris? It may do, since Solaris may be a little more
forgiving than UnixWare in this particular case.

If it's really OK on Solaris then I will have to add some
UnixWare specific code which looks for this one special
case (a minimum ACL) and adjusts the MASK permissions in
this case and only this case.


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