"multiple response" errors in log.nmb (fwd)

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Fri May 25 20:40:39 GMT 2001


> The setup is a Samba (2.2.x cvs) controlled domain with a lot of Samba and
> Windows clients. I think what happens is the following: Some Windows clients
> broadcast elections on IPX or NetBEUI and as they are the only ones (the Samba
> boxes only radiate on TCP/IP) they think they have won. I'd call this a
> Master-Domain-Browser-Hijacking. When a client asks for the domain master
> browser both answer. The second reply is then logged as a warning.

Good thinking.  Yes, this is a possibility.

> It would be nice, if the Samba team could extend this warning to include also
> the *first* response, which is the one from the guilty IPX/NetBEUI Windows box
> (mostly Windows 95 variants which included IPX by default, or paranoic
> sysadmins that install all protocolls ("the most I have the better ..."))

Remind me in two weeks and I will have debug print a list of IPs if 
possible.  I'm packing for a trip right now...

> I have been spending days with ethereal and tcpdump to find those damned IPX
> machines in our nets and I still have 5-10 here :(

It would be really nice to have a tool that did NetBEUI and IPX adapter 
status queries.  That would be a great diagnostic tool.

> All of the above modulo my guessing. Christoffer R. Hertel is the NetBIOS
> expert, so if he deems my findings, be sure, he is right. ;)

Actually, I think your diagnosis is much better than mine.  Good thinking!

A sniffer trace would show for sure...

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