summary of fix for Solaris ACL bug

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri May 25 18:29:47 GMT 2001


Two things:

o the bug which caused Solaris acls to be written with 
  a [default] mask other than rwx has been fixed.
  The aclsort() call was recalculating the mask.

o Jeremy and I have figured out why the default group
  permset was getting removed.

In short, the NT4 client was sending back two ACEs for 
the directory and splitting the OBJECT_INHERIT and 
CONTAINER_INHERIT flags between the two entries.
The posix acl layer in smbd was looking for an entry
Therefore we missed the entry and it was never added to
the set of default permissions.  

To fix this we need to make one more pass over the ace 
list and  recombine the flags.  This should have affected
all platforms.  Not sure why it hasn't.

Anyways, it is only a matter of time (most likely a week)
before we can fix this due to time restraints.

Cheers, jerry
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