File corruption with loglevel 0

Juergen Hasch hasch at
Fri May 25 14:09:07 GMT 2001

Juergen Hasch schrieb:
> I have very strange things happening to me using the current Samba
> 2.2 CVS. When I set the log level to 0 all files created/copied on a
> Samba share only contain zeroes. Increasing the log level to
> at least 1 makes it work again.
> Any hints what could cause this behaviour ?

Corruption happens on both i386-Linux and Sparc-Solaris using the
2.2 CVS. The 2.2.0 release version works OK. Client is an NT 4 SP6 box.

On the Solaris machine I can switch between no corruption at log level
and corruption at log level 0.

Typically I copy a file to the Samba share and it only contains zeroes.
Copying it over a second time, it has the correct contents.


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