Invalid packet length

Dmitry Melekhov dm at
Fri May 25 11:20:39 GMT 2001

>> Ok - if you too (and anyone else who has seen the "invalid packet"
>> problem after turning on large read/writeX) could CVS checkout
>> and test again, I think I have fixed the problem.
>> I've CVS committed code into HEAD and 2.2 that can cope with
>> a full 64k of data in a writex packet, and this should now work.
>> If you could transfer large files from UNIX -> NT and back again
>> under a different name, and then do a checkum (sum) on the files
>> to make sure they're ok, I'd appreciate it.
>I copied a few GB to the Linux drive and all works fine.
>No file corruption occured and it even got faster.
>Great work!

Very strange, I also run Linux. Now there is no such error in logs,
but copying of files still doesn't works. I sended log to Jeremy

Wire connection and Windows reinstallation senior engineer
Dmitry Melekhov
2:5050/11.23 at fidonet

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