samba 2.2, redhat and acls

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No, always cvs.
Although everything I could see in the ouput of the compilation looked
good, is there a way (other than it working) that I can confirm that acl
support was properly compiled into samba? 

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Jeremy Allison wrote:

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> > I am trying to get acls to work in linux with samba. The acls work on
> > their own, and clients are properly allowd or denied access through samba,
> > but I am having trouble when actually trying to use an nt client to look
> > at or change acls. When doing so, I can only see the normal unix
> > permissions, ugo, and none of the added acls are shown. When I try to
> > change anything, I am given access denied. I am using samba 2.2 for file
> > service (with acl support) under one netbios name and ip, and samba tng
> > for pdc on the same machine with a different netbios name and ip. Is this
> > the problem? Will changeing and viewing acls from an nt client be possible
> > in this situatuion? I see that most everyone else has gotten this to work,
> > and I would love to have this ability, since it makes it alot easier on
> > the tech support and mis people to not have to use command line utils.
> > Thanks for any help. If any more info is needed, I can provide it.
> > Alex
> Did you just use the binary rpm ? If so you need to recompile
> it with --with-acl-support.
> Jeremy.
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