attn: DCB - reproducing Solaris ACL bug...

John Trostel jtrostel at
Thu May 24 19:14:04 GMT 2001

The XFS user function,'chacl', which calls acl_set_file, which calls acl_set
(which calls the system call)... works fine.

(spaces and <cr>'s added for clarity below)

[jt at jtsdell xfs_part]$ mkdir test

***This sets 'b'oth the acl and the dacl

[jt at jtsdell xfs_part]$ chacl -b
                         u::rwx,g::r--,g:user1:r-x,m::r--,o::r-- test

***This 'l'ists the acl and the dacl

[jt at jtsdell xfs_part]$ chacl -l test

Is this not the behavior you see in your implementations?

Should I code up a test case at a lower level, or is the 'chacl' test

On 24-May-2001 Michael Davidson wrote:
> No - at least not the one I put together.
> It was just a low level 20 line test program that calls the Solaris/UnixWare
> acl() system call with a particular test ACL.
> md
> John Trostel wrote:
>> What's the "test case" you are writting up? Is it running the acls through
>> the
>> Samba code?

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