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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu May 24 13:48:29 GMT 2001

On Thu, 24 May 2001, David Collier-Brown wrote:

> Gerald Carter wrote:
> > I have what appears to be a bug in the Solaris 8 acl()
> > library function.
> [...]
> > The default setting for the named group 'test' is not there.
> > Any thought on this one?
> 	Got you message, looks wrong to me too.
> 	A related question: is group pcmaint, mentioned in
> 	the output the same as group test? If not, we've

Yes.  I had replaced the pcmaint with test I thought ( in
the output only )

> 	three bugs
> 		1) missing default acl for group test
> 		2) missing normal  acl for group test
> 		3) spurious normal acl for group pcmaint

The only bug I see is the missing detault acl for the named group 'test'

> 	Can you email me a slightly larger code snippit?
> 	I don't see this problem in bugtraq, and would
> 	like to reproduce it here...

I can code up a reproducable test case and send it to you.  Will work on
that today.

Thanks, jerry
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