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Greg Dickie greg at
Wed May 23 13:22:27 GMT 2001

Personally I can't roll out samba until you guys implement the little paper
clip thingy and viruses. I need this in 2.2.1.



PS: 2.2 rocks.

On 23-May-01 Gerald Carter wrote:
> On Tue, 22 May 2001 02:56:36 beers wrote:
>> >
>> > Has the task of implementing group mapping been 
>> > organized or assigned to anyone? It seems to be a 
>> > highly requested feature, and IMO should make
>> > 2.2.2. I would love to help in any way I can. Is 
>> > there an existing strategy for implementation?
>> Can I second this strongly.  Why was it taken out? It 
>> seemed there in older PDC versions of Samba? Needless to 
>> say this is crucial for most NT admins willing to switch,
>> such as me.
>> I basically need this:
> ...
> ok.  I'm getting just a little irritated at these 
> types of posts.  The fact is that the older version was 
> broken.  It was a first implementation that had scalability 
> problems. (This is not the first time I have responded to this
> question).
> We **know** it is an important piece.  Please understand 
> that for the past few weeks I have been reading posts like
>   "Windows XP Beta2 doesn't log into a Samba domain.
>    Can we fix this now?"
>   and the day that Win2ksp2 came out "Win2kSP2 breaks a 
>   Samba PDC.  This is crucial and has to be supported in
>   2.2.1"
>   ....and more and more and more...
> And now someone else is louding proclaming that we have 
> another crucial feature and that we should drop all work 
> to fix it.  
> **Please** read the archives before you ask about a feature
> or bug.  We are trying to be as responsive as possible
> and still have a life. :-)
> And remember..."good code speaks louder than words".  If
> someone simply repeats a request for a feature that
> we have already acknowledged is important, then please
> don't make us repeat the same response.
> ok.  I've venting a little bit now.  Please understand 
> that this is not a flame.  I'm just tired of answering 
> the same questions over and over when the mailing list 
> is archived.
> Cheers, jerry
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