HPUX 11-SAMBA-NIS Password with # or @

Windsor Dave (AdW/MOE2.1) Dave.Windsor at us.bosch.com
Wed May 23 13:03:15 GMT 2001

This used to bother me too, until I noticed this:

Excerpt from the HP-UX 10.20 man page for stty:

    Control Character Default Assignments
      The control characters are assigned default values when the terminal
      port is opened, see termio(7).  The default values used are those
      specified by the System V Interface Definition, Third Edition (SVID3),
      except for the werase and lnext control characters, which are set to
      _POSIX_VDISABLE to maintain binary compatibility with previous
      releases of HP-UX.

      The default values for the control characters may be changed by a user
      with root capability by using stty and redirecting stdin to the device
      /dev/ttyconf.  Any of the four command forms specified in the
      Description section above may be used.  However, only the control
      character defaults will be reported or altered.  It will have no
      effect on the defaults for any of the other modes.

      Note that these defaults will be used for all terminal ports in the
      system, except the system console, and the changes will not become
      effective for a particular port until it is (re)opened.  The new
      defaults will not become effective for the system console until a
      system boot takes place.

This lets you change the defaults for kill and erase away from "@" and "#".

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On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 01:40:22PM +0100, Emmanuel.Lethrosne wrote:
> Hi,
>    We have a SAMBA Server 2.0.7 on HP-UX 11 with NIS
> and have problem with password whith special 
> character like # or @.
> We use "Password Synchronization" Samba-Unix.
> When we connect on Windows, it's good but not
> with Unix.
> Thanks reply me directly.
> Regards

This is because HP-UX' terminal modes default to having @ be kill (same as
^U, erase line) and # is erase.  See how successful you are at this using a
shell other than bash:

   hpuxbox% stty sane
   hpuxbox% mailx -s "HP-UX terminal settings suck" support at hp.com

My guess is that as soon as you type the @ symbol, your line will be

If a user really insists on using # or @ in his/her password, whenever they
log into an HP-UX box, they will need to escape the password with a
backslash.  That is, if their password is really "b at man#", they will need
to type "b\@man\#" at the HP-UX password prompt for rlogin, telnet, console
logins, and CDE logins.

<rant> I am sure that this behavior is handy if you are using a dumb
terminal that was manufactured in 1978.  I have yet to see someone that
drops tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a workstation or server
that cannot afford a $250 terminal.  HP, get with it!</rant>


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