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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed May 23 04:20:16 GMT 2001

On Tue, 22 May 2001 02:56:36 beers wrote:
> >
> > Has the task of implementing group mapping been 
> > organized or assigned to anyone? It seems to be a 
> > highly requested feature, and IMO should make
> > 2.2.2. I would love to help in any way I can. Is 
> > there an existing strategy for implementation?
> Can I second this strongly.  Why was it taken out? It 
> seemed there in older PDC versions of Samba? Needless to 
> say this is crucial for most NT admins willing to switch,
> such as me.
> I basically need this:

ok.  I'm getting just a little irritated at these 
types of posts.  The fact is that the older version was 
broken.  It was a first implementation that had scalability 
problems. (This is not the first time I have responded to this

We **know** it is an important piece.  Please understand 
that for the past few weeks I have been reading posts like

  "Windows XP Beta2 doesn't log into a Samba domain.
   Can we fix this now?"

  and the day that Win2ksp2 came out "Win2kSP2 breaks a 
  Samba PDC.  This is crucial and has to be supported in

  ....and more and more and more...

And now someone else is louding proclaming that we have 
another crucial feature and that we should drop all work 
to fix it.  

**Please** read the archives before you ask about a feature
or bug.  We are trying to be as responsive as possible
and still have a life. :-)

And remember..."good code speaks louder than words".  If
someone simply repeats a request for a feature that
we have already acknowledged is important, then please
don't make us repeat the same response.

ok.  I've venting a little bit now.  Please understand 
that this is not a flame.  I'm just tired of answering 
the same questions over and over when the mailing list 
is archived.

Cheers, jerry
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