Problem with Turkish character share names -- how to modify?

Tim Potter tpot at
Tue May 22 23:08:30 GMT 2001

Deniz Akkus Kanca writes:


> Ways of getting correct behaviour would be:
> 1. Getting windows to either preserve case during the sharename request, or
> do the correct charmap (ask for HULUS\230, this being the correct
> transformation for codepage 857) transformation, instead of doing it
> according to ASCII.

This information is stored in the codepage_def.857 which defines
the lowercase/uppercase mapping for various codepages.  Hey, I
just noticed your name in it:

# Codepage definition file for IBM Code Page 857 - MS-DOS Latin 5
# defines lower->upper mapping.
# Written by Deniz Akkus (akkus at

You should be able to patch this file, test it and post the patch
to fix your problem.

> 2. If it is samba that does not preserve case (receive hulusi, transform it
> to HULUSI), extend that portion of it to do international codepage specific

It is the SMB protocol that does not preserve the case of share


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