smbstatus - Server Manager

Mike Rylander miker at
Tue May 22 21:13:05 GMT 2001

Perhaps I am not setting something up properly, but is there currently a way 
to have the NT Server Manager app retrieve the proper information?

If not, it seems that most of the information that the app requests is 
available ala smbstatus, but only the share list seems to contain valid data. 
If the Server Manager did get the proper data, it seems (to the untrained 
eye) that it may not be too difficult to allow remote disconnection of users 
by domain admins.  Though, mind you, I can't offer any direct help in 
implementing this, I would be able to supply and data needed (network traces 
and whatnot).

Mike Rylander
Senior Unix Administrator
Incanta, Inc.

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