utf8 vs ucs2

Michael B. Allen mballen at erols.com
Tue May 22 07:52:15 GMT 2001

Well, there's not much I can add to your immediate goals but down
the line I might be able to come up with some Unicode test programs
using jcifs. The jcifs client has always used Unicode througout by
default(induction from the Java language itself).

For example, a proggie might suck a whole tree of Unicode infested files
and directories down and put that in some kind of 'capture' file. Then
you spit it back out at your latest Unicode capable smbd and then read
it back or invoke a more general test program on it. Also, I think you
would find jcifs a little easier to 'script up' a simple test program to
target a trouble spot than using whatever functions or code that might
also be affected by changes you're making. If I can convince jcifs users
contribute these Unicode capture files you could have a nice little test
suite to give you feed back from moment to moment.

Or I could just do it on the side once in a while.


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