some issues with samba 2.2.0

Deniz Akkus Kanca deniz at
Tue May 22 00:56:07 GMT 2001

1. Share names longer than 13 characters are cheerfully accepted by Win2K
clients but rejected by WinNT clients. I understand this is a somewhat
oldish issue. Is there any progress I can look forward to?

2. Building rpm packages out of the tar.gz (using the, swat
gives a small problem:

It expects files to exist in /usr/share/samba/swat, but those files exist in

I did not check against building directly from source, I suspect this has
got to do with the rpm config. I did look at the rpm configuration scripts
and did not find the source of the problem though.

3. There is a mismatch with character translations of share names. (this
exists in samba2.0.7 as well). I see it in Turkish since it contains a weird
upper->lower case situation for letter dotted i. I would like to work on
this problem, but I don't even know where to start and would appreciate
someone giving me a pointer. I think it would affect all languages where a
weird upper->lower case transformation exists.

Here is a description of the problem:
Capital letters        Corresponding minuscule letters
Capital I (dotless i) => small dotless i (\215)
Dotted Capital i (\230) => i

Problem occurs when using the Turkish codepages.
A share is created (hulusi) that contains a small dotted i.
Trying to reach this share gives an error, stating that the share cannot be

According to the logs, this is what happens:

1. The share being requested gets sent as "HULUSI"
2. Samba tries to find share "hulus\215" and states that it can't be found.

Problem seems to be in the naming of the share being requested -- the
request should have come for either "hulusi" or for "HULUS\230" .

I am at a loss as to where to go looking for the source of the problem. Is
it the windows world that sends the request incorrectly (as HULUSI)? Or is
it samba that does an incomplete transformation on "hulusi" into "HULUSI"
when the codepages are Turkish?

Best regards,

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