smbd/password.c:find_connect_pdc() machine password timeout

Tim Potter tpot at
Tue May 22 02:13:02 GMT 2001

Gerald or Jeremy, I was wondering why the particular value of
3600 for the machine password timeout in find_connect_pdc()?

I would have thought that this timeout is a little large.
Replication of machine accounts is supposed to happen immediately
after a machine account password has been changed, or at the next
replication pulse (whichever is the sooner (-:).  A network which
takes more than an hour to replicate immediately seems to be a
little broken to me.


	 * If the time the machine password has changed
	 * was less than an hour ago then we need to contact
	 * the PDC only, as we cannot be sure domain replication
	 * has yet taken place. Bug found by Gerald (way to go
	 * Gerald !). JRA.

	if (time_now - last_change_time < 3600) {
		use_pdc_only = True;

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