Help Please

Kenichi Okuyama okuyamak at
Tue May 22 00:15:33 GMT 2001


>>>>> "TP" == Tim Potter <tpot at> writes:
>> Before going any far, Why is you mail having reply-to which tries to
>> force reply to reach only to you? I think you need to look into your
>> mail environment....
TP> The samba mailing lists from always have operated
TP> this way.  Check the To: and Cc: fields of messages that you
TP> reply to or use the reply to all function of your mailer.

You're wrong.
You're wrong because your mail does not have Reply-to: field,
while Andrew's does. And that's what I'm pointing out.
I mean, most of the people does not have Reply-to: field.

Or are you saying that Andrew's mail is something special?

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