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Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at
Mon May 21 18:44:38 GMT 2001

> I did some work on an embedded SMB server a while ago, and used the
> PTHREADS, but any threadding package would do the job.
> I a few short weeks (while I was on training course) I 
> managed to implement
> quite a bit of what was needed, but lost interest after a while ...
> However, I agree. Memory leaks were hard. I ended up with a 
> DEBUG package unlike the Samba stuff, where I could switch on
> different levels of debug for different areas of the code.
> I have seen an even better DEBUG package
> elsewhere ... But that helped track down memory leaks ...

Actualy, memory leaks seems not to materialize in our systems/port.

I've seen systems with 4.5 MB memory running "stable"
in production enviroment.

Actualy, as one of our developers point out:

"As the Samba programs run as client software which, when it exits,
returns all allocated memory to the pool, memory leakage should not
be a problem in the short term perspective. However, if you manage to
run the Samba programs for extended periods of time, say weeks, months,
years, memory leaks will cause the Amiga system memory to be drained
until there's really nothing left any more. That is a problem, so to
speak, but not such a "serious" problem as it is shadowed by the
problem that the Amiga TCP/IP stacks are not sufficiently stable to
run that long either."

The stack it self might prove as the weak element;
not to mention running on 10 year old hardware.

BTW: Sorry for the cc:, I'm confused to how this might be of interest.

I belive the Amiga port might result
into optimzing and even enhance the beast.

My regards to all the involved in the Samba Team.
(The offical one, and the 'unoffical' like myself)

Ulf Bertilsson
Amiga Samba Team

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