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NEZU, Kensuke nez at
Mon May 21 18:07:54 GMT 2001

Michael Sweet wrote:
> The strength of the free software development model comes from the
> contributions of developers and users.  If you don't like how SAMBA
> is handling your language of choice, SUBMIT A PATCH THAT FIXES IT!
> If you are unqualified to do this, write down what needs to be
> done to support it, and submit a polite request that it be
> implemented.  Don't expect people to respond well to unwarranted
> criticism or to jump whenever you say something is wrong.  That's
> not how the world works.
> Or to use a Western expression: "You can catch more flies with honey
> than with vinegar."

I exactly agree you.

If Kenichi thinks earnestly that we has to develop new SMB server with
stopping current samba development by his idealism methodology, I will be that
what is necessary is just to develop a new SMB server version in a perfect form
for himself, and will think that it is not our responsibility also includes
I think this is the way of free software development style. No one avoids
he develop new version with refering current samba logic. And he also know he
cannot force us to belong his theory without applicable reasons.  

Kensuke Nezu, nez at
Auditor , Samba Users Group in Japan

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