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Mon May 21 03:01:49 GMT 2001

At 11:14 AM 5/21/01 +0900, Kenichi Okuyama wrote:
>Dear Ulf,
>>>>>> "UB" == Ulf Bertilsson <ulf.bertilsson at> writes:
>>> Japan development member pointed out that running Samba as daemons is
>>> convenience for controlled by swat etc.., but it isn't recommended
>>> because of concerning about performance.
>>> There are some reasons:
>>> - inetd is usually optimized with running operating system.
>>> - inetd is usually enougth small resources requirements for fork().
>>> - master smbd/nmbd (invoked at boot time) always inclease their
>>> resources, and become 'fat process.' It causes fork() cost higher.
>UB> Any idea what would be the best for non posix systems ?
>UB> What would scale best on small 'embeded' systems ?
>For embeded systems, there are two cases.
>1) You're using unix-like OS, not unix.
>  Like VxWare or Phoenix, there are several unix-like os which do
>  not support multi-task, but does support multi-thread. In this
>  kind of cases, my recommendation is
>  "Don't use Samba, at least none of current available."
>  This is because Current Samba still have extreame number of
>  memory leak, especially when you know that daemon process will
>  soon exit(). They simply throw cleanups to OS.
>  Fixing this will become extreame works. Sometimes making Yet
>  Another Smaller Samba might be of less work.

I did some work on an embedded SMB server a while ago, and used the
PTHREADS, but any threadding package would do the job.

I a few short weeks (while I was on training course) I managed to implement
quite a bit of what was needed, but lost interest after a while ...

However, I agree. Memory leaks were hard. I ended up with a DEBUG package
unlike the Samba stuff, where I could switch on different levels of debug
for different areas of the code. I have seen an even better DEBUG package
elsewhere ... But that helped track down memory leaks ...

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