Samba 2.2.0 and Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri May 18 16:43:56 GMT 2001

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I am unable to reptoduce this using the English 
version of Windows 2000.  Can you provide us with 
level 10 debug logs?  Maybe post them on an FTP site
were we can grab them?  

If worse comes to worse, I can install a german 
version of Win2k and try to reproduce it there.....

Cheers, jerry

On Thu, 17 May 2001 11:24:10 Thomas Meinke wrote:

> Hello!
> I am running Samba 2.2.0 und Suse 7.1, and CUPS 1.1.5 
> it still works fine  with no problems. But today I 
> installed the Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000, 
> and what should I say. I can not access the printers. 
> When I try to print  something I got the error message: 
> (I translated it from German, may be the error message 
> is not exactly the same in English)
>	 The printer is not accessible.
> Then I deleted the printer on the Windows 2000 system, 
> and tried to install it again, but now I get the following 
> error message:
> The choosen printer driver is either not compatible to 
> the actual Windows-Version or not available. Choose another 
> driver, or contact the  administrator for further help.
> But the printer driver is the right one for Windows 2000, 
> and the  driver works still fine until the Service Pack 2 
> was installed. All the other Workstation in the networtk 
> with Windows 98/Me and Windows 2000 (Service Pack 1) still 
> are able to print on the server. A test on a second 
> machine have the same result, after the installation of 
> Service Pack 2 the printers are not longer avaiable.
> Has another one the same problems?
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