MS-DFS root dir access hangs if one ore more referred servers aredown

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at
Fri May 18 07:09:22 GMT 2001

> The desktop.ini is an "Active Desktop" thing IIRC.
> Anyone know how to disable this?

Turn off the 'view as web page' everywhere.
Then delete all desktop.ini/desktop.htt files.

Delete all assosiated active desktop classid/clsid in registry.
Delete everything else web/active directory the registry.
Delete c:\windows\web\*.*

Play some old C64 sid music
Enjoy :)

This give intence speedup on small systems such as my on Amiga.
Turning off html view,
will stop explorer shell from trying to examine the file for any know

I'm currently working with debugging the explorer.exe itself.
X86 mashine code sure is ugly..

With lots of spare time..

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