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In answer to your questions:

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>If and when you implement this, can you design a link to CVS so when
>someone checks a bugfix in, your tracking system can identify it from a
>keyword in the checkin comment?  This could help keep things maintained.

Could certianly try to automate this.  I am not as up on CVS as others, but 
it should be doable.  However, it may require a small amount of research.  
Generally, the architecture of such application that I write tend to be 
easily expandable, so new features can be easily implimented.

If it is not initially implimented, it will be available soon.

>A corrollary for this is for requested enhancements and functionality.
>These are not bugs, but it could provide a way of tracking how much a
>feature is wanted, and inflence developers on what they decide to spend
>their time on.

Again, an easily available module which could easily be written.

A bug tracking system like this would be implimented in stages.

>It will still be a maintenance problem, trying to moderate input from
>people who can not grasp the concept of checking to see if the bug that is
>affecting them has been previously reported.

Of course, which is why ideally, several people would have administrative 
access to the tool, in order to merge duplicates, etc.

An interface which initially brings one to a list of bugs before it lets you 
report one might help as well.

On second thought, this will require more than a few hours of coding, but I 
still feel I am up to it.  I should have a partial prototype available for 
review fairly soon.

>Would this system be useable to track bugs in non-UN*X SAMBA

It should be able to track bugs on all code branches.

> > I agree that assigning priorities is a pointless task in this 
> > model (anyone who finds it a high priority can be responsible for 
> > a patch).  Again, the coding for this would likely be trivial, but it 
> > prove useful, if that is what people would like to see.
>Priority means fix it your self or pay someone cash to fix it.
>Good luck
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