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John E. Malmberg malmberg at
Thu May 17 21:09:27 GMT 2001

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Christopher Travers wrote:

> Well, I have designed an improv bug tracking system for SAMBA since 
> volunteering.  I simply need to impliment it, if we decide to go this route.
> Ideally, myself and a few others would have administrative privaleges.  The 
> bugs would be marked either tentative, confirmed, or patched (with version), 
> along with a title, brief description, and steps to reproduce behavior.  The 
> public would have access to a web page built on this information.
> The idea would be to provide a dynamic resource for sysadmins and developers 
> (what to expect, what needs fixing, what not to do, etc.).   Since my 
> original posting, others have volunteered server space if necessary, and I 
> should have server space starting next month on a much higher-band-width 
> server.

If and when you implement this, can you design a link to CVS so when
someone checks a bugfix in, your tracking system can identify it from a
keyword in the checkin comment?  This could help keep things maintained.

A corrollary for this is for requested enhancements and functionality.
These are not bugs, but it could provide a way of tracking how much a
feature is wanted, and inflence developers on what they decide to spend
their time on.

It will still be a maintenance problem, trying to moderate input from
people who can not grasp the concept of checking to see if the bug that is
affecting them has been previously reported.

One consideration that should be part of the design is how are bugs
tracked by the SAMBA team now?

Would this system be useable to track bugs in non-UN*X SAMBA
> I agree that assigning priorities is a pointless task in this development 
> model (anyone who finds it a high priority can be responsible for submitting 
> a patch).  Again, the coding for this would likely be trivial, but it may 
> prove useful, if that is what people would like to see.

Priority means fix it your self or pay someone cash to fix it.

Good luck
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